Article from the Silver City Daily PRESS:

Horseshoe Hero
Swain takes first in World Horseshoe Pitching Championship.

     Bob Swain handled the world's best in the horseshoe sport and was crowned champion in this year's World Horseshoe Pitching Championship.
     The competition, which was in St. George, Utah, had 99 constesants in Swain's division - Senior Men. Competitors came from all over the U.S. and as far away as Germany, Canada and Norway.
     Before taking the crown, Swain first went through the preliminaries.  Out of 16 conttestants, he finished in second place with an 11-4 record, which allowed him to go into the championship.
    " After he started, he was cery calm, relaxed and confident" said Sue Franklin, Swains partner.  "I was floating on a cloud even though I was on the cheering side."
     Swain had no problem as he went undefeated with an 11-0 record, before taking down Gary Roberts in the championship game with a 42-7 score.  As a reward,  Swain earned two trophies and $1475.
     "I play horseshoes because it is competitive."  he said "I want to get better and go back in the Men's Division."
     Swain is failiar with winning, as far as horseshsoe competitions go.  He is a two-time New Mexico state champion and will defend his title in Albuquerque later this year.  He also participated in three other World Horseshoe pitching Championships - in 1994, 1997 and 2013.  In 2013, Swain finished second in the preliminaries in the Men's Division, an all-ages group.
     Swain found a passion for horseshoes during his childhood at campgrounds.
     "My father and uncle played horseshoes." said Swain. "At first, me and my brother couldn't play with them, until we got older."    
     As a way to keep up on his skills, Swain build a horseshoe court with professsional equipment in his backyard.
     "I play with my friends in my backyard, but I don't let them beat me." said Swain.
     He even introduced Franklin to the sport.  Since then, she herself has won 14 class championships and two state championships.
     Born in New Hampshire, Swain moved to Boston - where horseshoes are well known - during high school.  He was in the Navy during the Vietnam War and worked as a boatsman.  After a career as a machinist, he worked as a miner in Arizona in 2003 before coming to Silver City to work in the mines four years later.
     Swain plans to continue his horseshoe career as he will compete in next year's World Horsehoe Pitching Championship, which will be held in South Carolina.